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3mm WSA Gritsand

3mm WSA Grit sand

Other Names: Grit sand, flagging sand, course sand, recycled sand.

Consists of: A gritty washed sandy material formed within the recycling process.  Graded to a 0-3mm size, the attributes of this make it suitable again for use with membranes or blinding material in concrete preparation. A favourite for landscapers and groundworker when laying flag stones, kerbs and patios.

3mm WSA Grit sand, delivered throughout Cheshire, offers versatile applications and strong reasons for purchase. This fine-grained sand is a valuable material that finds use in various construction, landscaping, and horticultural projects.

Primary Uses:

  • Paving Base: It serves as a stable base for paving projects, ensuring evenness and preventing shifting.
  • Bricklaying: Used as a mortar ingredient, it aids in proper brick alignment and structural integrity.
  • Pipe Bedding: Provides a supportive layer for pipes, preventing uneven settling and potential damage.
  • Garden Projects: Suitable for creating leveled surfaces in gardens, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

Positives and Benefits:

  • Consistent Size: Its uniform 3mm size ensures even application and reliable performance in various projects.
  • Optimal Drainage: Offers effective drainage due to its size, preventing water accumulation and soil erosion.
  • Easy Workability: The fine texture allows for smooth application and compacting, saving time and effort.
  • Purchasing Convenience: Delivered in Cheshire, it ensures timely availability for construction and landscaping needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Its fine size minimizes material wastage during application, making it an economical choice.
  • Improved Soil Structure: Blended with soil, it enhances soil drainage, aeration, and overall health.
  • Supports Plant Growth: Used in horticulture, it provides proper root aeration and prevents waterlogging.
  • Versatile Material: Applicable in various projects, reducing the need for multiple types of sand.


In conclusion, 3mm WSA Grit sand proves indispensable for various construction, landscaping, and horticultural projects. Its stability, drainage enhancement, and versatility make it a valuable material. By opting for this sand, you ensure stable surfaces, promote efficient drainage, and support project success. Its ease of use, consistent quality, and local accessibility make it a practical choice for construction and landscaping needs in Cheshire.


3mm WSA Gritsand

3mm WSA Gritsand


Delivered in 8-wheel tippers, generally in 20 tonne loads (mininum order 10 tonnes).

We cover all of Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Chester and the surrounding areas.

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