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Quarried aggregates, also known as construction aggregates, are vital materials used in diverse construction projects and infrastructure development. We obtain these aggregates by mining and extracting naturally occurring rock or stone from large pits or excavations known as quarries in the ground. Construction aggregates play a crucial role in the construction industry as they serve as the primary component for concrete, asphalt, road base, and other construction applications.

At VWJ Earthmoving, we offer various types of quarried aggregates, each possessing unique properties suitable for specific purposes. The most common types of aggregates we provide include crushed stone, gravel, and sand. Our most popular product is limestone MOT type 1, followed by pipe bedding, 6F5, and dust. We source these materials from quarries located in various geological formations, and factors such as rock type, size distribution, and geological properties influence their quality.

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Types of quarried aggregates

By crushing large rocks and stones, we create crushed stone, a versatile material utilized in road construction, railway ballast, concrete production, and as a base material for various structures.

Gravel, another quarried aggregate, consists of rounded or angular rock fragments. It finds common application in drainage systems, landscaping, and concrete mixes for construction projects.

Sand, a finely divided aggregate, plays a crucial role in making concrete and mortar. Its properties, including grain size and texture, significantly impact the workability and strength of the final product, making high-quality sand essential for achieving durable and long-lasting structures.

The production of quarried aggregates involves multiple stages. Initially, the quarry site is meticulously selected based on the geological properties of the rock. Then, the extraction process commences, utilizing drilling, blasting, and excavation techniques to remove the rock from the quarry face.

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production of quarried aggregates

Once we have the raw material, we crush, screen, and wash it to achieve desired size and quality. We grade aggregates based on particle sizes, meeting specific standards for different applications. Quality control ensures consistency and uniformity.

At VWJ Earthmoving, we employ efficient logistics for transporting aggregates to construction sites. We deliver aggregates cost-effectively and timely.

Quarried aggregates are vital for construction, forming the foundation of infrastructure projects. They’re essential in modern construction, used in concrete, asphalt, and road base. Sustainable practices and recycled materials shape the future.


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