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As a Leading supplier of Recycled Aggregates based in Crewe, we cover all of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Chester.  We offer a wide range of products also including Quarried Aggregates, Topsoil and Sands at competitive prices.  Deliveries, wherever possible, occur within 24 hours of the order.


Recycled Aggregates

Recycled Aggregates that are supplied by VWJ Earthmoving, can be sourced from a variety of materials, such as, construction and demolition (hardcore, concrete, bricks, tiles), highway maintenance (asphalt planings), excavation operations, track maintenance (track ballast)

These products are not only economical compared to virgin materials. They also make ethical sense to environmental issues and assisting in improving any site waste management plan ( SWMP), BREEAM or Environmental Policy that you may be following. As technology improves, these products are becoming increasingly variable and versatile. If you want to know more about them, then please contact ourselves.

Matching you for the right materials for your job!


Quarried Aggregates

Sometimes in a project, there will be a specific grade or type of materials such as 6F5 or 6F.  This also is something that VWJ Earthmoving can help you with. Primary (quarried) aggregates.

These Products are delivered in 8 wheel tippers, loose, minimum of 10 tonne loads.


Topsoil and Sands

We can supply a range of Recycled sand fill and grit sand and quarried fill sand, grit sand, building Sand and concreting sand.

We also supply a range of Topsoils, from As Dug to BS Standard.



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