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WSA Filter Material

WSA Filter Material

Other Names: 40mm+, drainage stone, graded hardcore, filter stone, filter media.

Consists of: Like the Pipe bedding, it is made up of crushed and washed demolition material.  It also comes from the larger end of the screening process. Size ranges from 20-40mm and 40-80mm and does not have any fines, (smaller pieces) within it. Making it a very bulky material, and this means that is less tonnage per cubic metre, allowing the stone to go a great deal further.

WSA Filter Material serves vital purposes and compelling reasons for purchase. This specialized material plays a pivotal role in various construction and infrastructure projects, particularly in filtration and drainage systems.

Primary Uses:

  • Filtration Systems: It acts as a crucial layer for filtering water in drainage systems, preventing soil clogs.
  • Stormwater Management: Facilitates effective stormwater drainage, managing runoff and preventing flooding.
  • Erosion Control: Stabilizes soil and prevents sediment runoff, aiding in erosion control and landscape preservation.

Reasons you should Buy WSA Filter Material:

  • Efficient Filtration: Provides effective filtration, ensuring clean water flow and preventing system blockages.
  • Enhanced Drainage: Facilitates smooth water movement, reducing the risk of water accumulation and damage.
  • Environmental Protection: Improves stormwater quality, safeguarding local water bodies from contamination and pollution.
  • Stabilizing Landscapes: Helps prevent soil erosion, maintaining landscape integrity and preventing sediment runoff.
  • Uniform Composition: Its consistent size guarantees reliable filtration performance, ensuring system effectiveness.
  • Timely Accessibility: Delivered in Cheshire, it offers easy access and availability for construction and drainage projects.
  • Sustainable Solution: Supports eco-friendly practices by improving stormwater quality and promoting soil stability.
  • Versatile Application: Applicable in various projects, providing essential filtration and drainage support.

In conclusion, WSA Filter Material, available throughout Cheshire, is a crucial component for filtration, drainage, and erosion control applications. Its diverse uses and environmental benefits make it an invaluable material. Choosing this specialized material ensures efficient water filtration, stormwater management, and soil preservation, contributing to responsible construction practices in Cheshire.


WSA Filter Material

WSA Filter Material


Delivered in 8-wheel tippers, generally in 20 tonne loads (mininum order 10 tonnes).

We cover all of Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Chester and the surrounding areas.

We also supply Quarried alternatives.

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